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WILD STONE is a one of the leading male grooming brands in India. With presence in product categories like Deodorant, Perfume, Premium Soap, Shaving Solutions & Talc, WILD STONE addresses the evolving needs of India's youth.

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We at Futurebrands believe that there are stories and meanings wrapped in every artifact of our culture. Through our guest speakers we invite these stories to come to us.
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Bharat Darshan
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  • Here's a peek into Bharat Darshan 2013-14. This time we delved into the lives of those who have leapfrogged across class, caste, gender or socioeconomic lines. These are not 'hero' stories. These are stories that are all around us. These are stories of changing India.


Here's kicking off Bharat Darshan 4.0, our most mouth watering Bharat Darshan yet. This year, our journey takes a delicious turn as we explore the world of food. Food in India is not merely sensorial, but is infused with nuanced layers of connotation. It is a means of self expression, a ritual celebration of life, an elevating, almost spiritual experience. It is a cultural identity that unfolds via our plates and palettes. The food we eat speaks of the lives that we live. Our intrepid explorers will be scouring the country for delectable tales that help unravel this very special meaning that food holds in our lives. Stay tuned for the tasty tales that we are about to bring you.

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