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WILD STONE is a one of the leading male grooming brands in India. With presence in product categories like Deodorant, Perfume, Premium Soap, Shaving Solutions & Talc, WILD STONE addresses the evolving needs of India's youth.

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We at Futurebrands believe that there are stories and meanings wrapped in every artifact of our culture. Through our guest speakers we invite these stories to come to us.
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Bharat Darshan
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  • Here's a peek into Bharat Darshan 2013-14. This time we delved into the lives of those who have leapfrogged across class, caste, gender or socioeconomic lines. These are not 'hero' stories. These are stories that are all around us. These are stories of changing India.


Bharat Darshan 3.0 is here. Bharat Darshan is a quest to understand the processes through which India embraces change, and therefore what can we expect India to look like tomorrow. India is at a point where millions of transitions are taking place along many axes; such as income class, blue collar to white collar, gender roles, mindsets etc. This year we are documenting the biographies of people who have experienced a transition into a new world. What is their story? Eight teams has set out to different parts of India to explore these transitions.

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